SCR exhaust gas after-treatment from MAN Engines

In their ambition to help clients meet emission guidelines, MAN Engines provides a wide range of variants for exhaust gas after-treatment, each tailored to their industry specific requirements. MAN engines can meet both current and near future requirements, e.g. EU Stage V or US Tier 4.

One of these solutions is MAN’s modular exhaust gas after-treatment (EAT). Due to its compact design and high flexibility in restricted installation spaces, it offers an extensive array of installation possibilities. The individual components can be positioned differently, made to measure for specific customer or industry needs, whatever the segment or application. EAT is built around a selective catalytic reduction converter (SCR).

This component specifically reduces the NOx in the emissions by injecting a 32.5 percent AdBlue© fluid solution into the exhaust tract. The reaction with the nitrogen oxides converts them into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O). The system can be deployed as SCR-only, or combined with other components to cover a score of different emission guidelines.

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