MAN Powergen diesel engines

We supply diesel engines for generator sets that run at 1500 rpm for 50 Hz and 1800 rpm for 60 Hz countries. Our MAN diesel engines guarantee efficient energy generation whatever the application.

Areas of application:
Emergency Standby Power (ESP) for emergency power supply
Limited Time Running Power (LTP) for emergency power supply
Prime Power (PRP) for handling peak load (short-term peak demands)
Continuous Power (COP) mode for permanent/essential capacity

The advantages of Powergen diesel engines:
Tried and tested in the field
Robust and compact
Low fuel consumption and maintenance-friendly
High capacity

The values in the summary below are based on 1,500 rpm.


You can reach out to our account manager for more information about powergen diesel engines:

Jeroen van der Velden

Jeroen van der Velde


Emergency standby power output 415 kWmech
Limited time power output 396 kWmech

Prime power output 360 kWmechmech
Continuous power 270 kWmech

6 cilinders, 12.4-liter slagvolume, boring 126 mm, slag 166 mm

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Emergency standby power output 451 kWmech
Limited time power output 391 kWmech

Prime power output 355 kWmech
Continuous power 220 kWmech

6 cylinders, 12.8-liter displacement, bore 128 mm, stroke 166 mm

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Emergency standby power output 880 kWmech
Limited time power output 770 kWmech
Prime power output 700 kWmech

Continuous power 525 kWmech
Common rail diesel

12 cylinders, 24.2-liter displacement, bore 128 mm, stroke 157 mm

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Bredenoord and MAN Rollo have been doing business together for some 30 years

Bredenoord has been providing tailor-made power for virtually any situation for some 75 years.

‘MAN Rollo has actually been one of the suppliers of engines for our applications for some 30 years now,’ notes Harry Keurhorst, Technical Manager at Bredenoord. ‘We mainly use diesel engines in the mobile aggregates for our rental division. We opt for MAN because we are highly satisfied with the quality of the engine.
At Bredenoord we believe it’s also important to know who we are doing business with. Are the company’s after-sales good? Can they fulfil our specific wishes so that our rental aggregates can be deployed multifunctionally? MAN Rollo is just such a company. Client-orientated – they understand our wishes and work with us. So it’s hardly surprising that we have done business together for such a long time.’