MAN maritime diesel engines

As the exclusive distributor in the Benelux, MAN Rollo supplies high-speed MAN ship’s (diesel) engines with a capacity of 147 to 1,397 kW. The engines are reliable, compact and powerful. They stand out in the market thanks to their low weight, fuel consumption and maintenance costs. The engines are used to propel utility vessels, patrol ships and yachts (15 to 30 metres) and as auxiliary and emergency engines on coastal and marine vessels. Emission reduction is an important factor in the maritime sector and the MAN engines comply with all inland waterway and shipping standards, such as CCR, IMO and EIAPP.

Our engines use the Common Rail technology. This has a number of specific advantages, such as a low capacity-weight ratio, rapid acceleration due to high torque at low resolutions, low fuel consumption, low noise levels and lower vibrations.

Would you like to know more about our MAN marine diesel engines? Please ask our account manager:

Karel Schuurman

Would you like to know more about our MAN marine diesel engines? Please ask our account manager:

Jeroen van der Velden

Jeroen van der Velde

Medium duty operation

In medium duty operation (400-1,450 hp), the fuel-saving MAN engines ensure maximum efficiency on accompanying boats, pilot boats and deep-sea patrol boats, on fishing boats, ferries and on passenger ships.
A long service life with low lifecycle costs and also quick supply of spare parts through the world-wide servicing network make the MAN engines profit earners in professional navigation.

Annual operating hours: < 4.000
Percentage of time at full load: < 50%

Engine type Nominal Rating (kW – mhp) Rated Speed (rpm) Brochure
D2676 LE432 412 (560) 2.100
D2676 LE422 478 (650) 2.100
D2868 LE422 588 (800) 2.100
D2868 LE443 662 (900) 2.100
D2862 LE425 749 (1.019) 2.100
D2862 LE432 882 (1.200) 2.100
D2862 LE463 1.029 (1.400) 2.100
D2862 LE483 1.066 (1.450) 2.100

Light duty operation

MAN engines with a capacity of 730 to 1,900 hp are ideally suited for light-duty applications. Dynamics, a very good power-to-weight ratio and a very efficient fuel consumption are combined with the engines. Groundbreaking technology has been applied to comply with the emission guidelines. This means that MAN engines occupy a top position as a propulsion engine on yachts, patrol boats, sea and lifeboats and coastguard boats.

Annual operating hours: < 1.000
Percentage of time at full load: < 20%

Engine type Nominal Rating (kW – mhp) Rated Speed (rpm) Brochure
I6-730 D2676 LE443 537 (730) 2.300
I6-800 D2676 LE423 588 (800) 2.300
V8-1000 D2868 LE426 735 (1.000) 2.300
V8-1200 D2868 LE436 882 (1.200) 2.300
V8-1300 D2868 LE4xx 956 (1.300) 2.300
V12-1400 D2862 LE446 1.029 (1.400) 2.300
V12-1550 D2862 LE426 1.140 (1.550) 2.300
V12-1650 D2862 LE456 1.213 (1.650) 2.300
V12-1800 D2862 LE436 1.324 (1.800) 2.300
V12-1900 D2862 LE476 1.397 (1.900) 2.300
V12-2000 D2862 LE496 1.471 (2.000) 2.300

Heavy duty operation

MAN engines offer a perfectly coordinated power spectrum for heavy duty (367-1,000hp) operation with powerful acceleration and high tractive force. They are the ultimate in terms of reliability and efficiency in freight and passenger shipping as well as in trawlers, tugs and push boats.

Annual operating hours: unlimited
Percentage of time at full load: < 100%

Engine type Nominal Rating (kW – mhp) Rated Speed (rpm) Brochure
D2676 LE441 270 (367) 1.800
D2676 LE431 324 (440) 1.800
D2676 LE421 382 (520) 1.800
D2868 LE421 441 (600) 1.800
D2868 LE431 500 (680) 1.800
D2862 LE431 551 (749) 1.800
D2862 LE421 662 (900) 1.800
D2862 LE441 735 (1.000) 1.800


Why made Jongert BV Wieringwerf the choice for MAN engines?

Erik Prooijen from Jongert BV Wieringerwerf has a clear view.

‘Our customer expressed a preference for MAN engines. The two Common Rail diesel engines, type R6 800, each with an output of 800hp, stand out because of their weight, they are economical in use and run almost silently. But obviously, the performance of the engines is the main reason for the choice; they fully meet all expectations.
MAN Rollo was responsible for the commissioning, which went smoothly and according to plan. The service engineers of MAN Rollo know how to tackle every problem and how to cooperate. For us it was the first time we worked with MAN Rollo and this first introduction and the performance of the MAN R6-800 give us confidence for working together more in the future’.