Fauché Energie

Fauché Energie is a French company founded in 1990 and is ISO 9001-certified, specialising in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of diesel generators as well as biogas and gas cogeneration modules, standard or special, across the full power range.

Manufacturing and installations are carried out by the agency Groupes Electrogenes Solutions, whose 4,500 m² factory is located at LANGON (33), has a powerful industrial tool with up-to-date technical facilities:

  • A mechanical and electrical research office,
  • A sheet metal workshop equipped with a numerical control machines plant,
  • An assembly workshop equipped with crane bridges and paint booths,
  • A testing stand with a power of 2,000 kW.

The upkeep and maintenance of diesel generators, and biogas and gas cogeneration modules are carried out by the agency Maintenance Energie, located at Montauban (82), with appropriate means to ensure service quality to its clients:

  • A technical monitoring station connected to an internal call centre, available 24 hours-a-day with a single telephone number,
  • Technical and administrative support,
  • Six service centres located at MONTAUBAN (82), LANGON (33), BESANCON (25), LYON (69), AIX EN PROVENCE (13) and ILE DE FRANCE (94), managed by Account Officers who lead their teams of technicians.

Fauché Energie is able to offer you specific technical solutions adapted to “your needs as well as “tailor-made maintenance contracts, to ensure the longevity and availability of your equipment.