EnviTec Biogas Service s.r.o.

EnviTec Service s.r.o. is part of the EnviTec Biogas Group. The EnviTec Biogas Group is world leading in the field of biogas, active in planning, engineering, realization, operation and service of biogas installations. Being part of a larger international organisation brings lots of advantages in respect of exchange of knowledge and workforce, spare-part and component deals and marketing.

EnviTec Biogas has built about 30 biogas plants in Czech Republic and Slovakia. EnviTec Service is doing services on the far majority of these plants and is rapidly expanding in doing and offering services to non-EnviTec biogas plants and combined heat and power (CHP’s). EnviTec has a strong reputation on the market as a quality brand. The company is in close contact with its suppliers in case of support and back-up. Besides that EnviTec keeps an extended assortment of spare-parts and components from all its suppliers.