Continental Energy Systems bvba

Continental Energy Systems bvba is part of the Lek/Habo Groep based in Ter Aar, Belgium. CES activities focus on producing and installing cogeneration systems.

Cogeneration systems produce electricity and heat using natural gas or biogas. These systems are used mainly in the horticulture, agriculture, care and waste treatment sectors. The various systems, built by CES itself, are sold globally and are often provided with MAN engines.

Lek/Habo Groep realises complex turnkey energy and systems technology projects and in doing so makes frequent use of MAN engines.

Lek/Habo Groep is a group name for companies operating in the energy, heating, climate, cooling, electro, water, construction and building technology sectors. The Lek/Habo Groep companies’ main activities complement each other well. This intensive cooperation within the group enables the companies to carry out multi-disciplinary total systems technology projects in the broadest sense.

With 9 locations across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland, the Lek/Habo Groep has been realising successful innovative and pioneering projects at home and abroad for decades. The combination of companies enables the entire project, from design phase to maintenance, to be realised under one roof.