Veolia UK, formerly known as Cogenco Ltd., is a partner with more than 30 years’ experience in constructing cogeneration systems and has already delivered more than 900 systems across the world. The company has used MAN engines for many years and works closely with MAN Rollo.

Veolia UK is one of the UK market leaders and is a leading company in the area of environmental services. The company offers its customers effective and environmentally friendly electricity supply solutions on site, combined with residual heat or cooling if required. The cogeneration product range has been developed in cooperation with the world’s biggest engine and generator manufacturers and therefore uses the very latest control systems. This ensures that the system is attuned to the customer’s real needs and also offers genuine environmental and cost advantages.

Capacity, experience and expertise are what make Veolia a leading supplier in the area of cogeneration systems. Veolia’s customers include large organisations and it offers these organisations solutions that are attuned specifically to their requirements.