Chaplain Energie

CHAPLAIN ENERGIE, a subsidiary of the CHAPLAIN group, specialises in maintaining generators powered by thermal engines. Its four branches in Brittany, Pays de Loire and Normandy mean that it can provide a rapid customer response.

The main activities of CHAPLAIN ENERGIE:
• Design, installation, operation and maintenance of natural gas-fuelled cogeneration plants
• Maintenance and renovation of biogas-fuelled cogenerators for farms and wastewater treatment plants
• Design, sale, installation and maintenance of emergency and production generators
• Partial or complete retrofit of sub-assemblies (motors, generators, cabinets….) on site or in the workshop
• Retail sale of spare parts and accessories for conventionally, natural gas- and biogas-fuelled plants

CHAPLAIN ENERGIE is a medium-sized company that employs 20 professionals, including 15 specialised technicians, who are committed to: providing a rapid high-quality service 24/7; ensuring the required equipment is available and improving power plant efficiency.