Fleetsolve signs Partnership contract with MAN Rollo

UK renewable combined heat and power (CHP), bioenergy, and carbon reduction specialists, Fleetsolve (SIMEC) and MAN Rollo BV have entered into a strategic  partnership agreement to support the growing British and Northern Irish market for CHP, power generation and industrial engine support services.

“Original MAN oil truly works better”

A MAN diesel engine is a significant investment from which you, as a user, hope to get as long a return as possible. The best way to do this is, of course, to have regular maintenance carried out by authorised MAN service partners and to use original MAN replacement parts. But the engine oil plays a bigger role than you might think. The new MAN Genuine Oil Robust MAN 3277 10W-40 engine oil has a whole range of advantages in addition to a longer engine life. We asked Marc van Eendenburg, Team Lead Parts Sales at MAN Rollo, about the ins and outs.

Marc, why this new MAN oil?
We listened carefully to our maritime customers and then developed a product that meets their needs. All kinds of facets of this new oil have therefore been very specifically developed for MAN diesel engines in maritime applications.

What makes this MAN oil different from other oils?
This oil has been specifically developed for our MAN engines and has been formulated to meet the high demands of the maritime sector. This oil thus ensures more efficiency and better performance. It cleans the engine and prevents sludge formation, which leads to less fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions. Add that to the fact that this oil retains its quality longer than comparable oils and you’ll understand that the total operating costs will be reduced.

How about the manufacturer’s warranty?
If you have a warranty issue and can prove that you used genuine oil, no further investigation is required. The use of original MAN oil therefore means guaranteed preservation of the manufacturer’s warranty, which of course provides peace of mind and confidence.

Why this 20-litre packaging?
Our customers indicated that the standard 210-litre drums are in many cases awkward to handle and often far too large. Also, it looks messy in a neat engine room if there’s a greasy oil drum in the corner. These 20-litre cans give such a space a professional and neat appearance. They are easier to handle and also easier to store.

That sounds like a lot of advantages right there. Isn’t this just a nice marketing story?
Absolutely not. This new oil has been extensively tested and yields demonstrably better results, which we would like to make transparent to customers who are interested in it. It just truly works better.

Where can interested captains and shipowners get the oil?
They can place an order at shop.manrollo.com, and they will receive their oil within 48 hours. And with our temporary introductory offer of € 99 (ex. VAT) per 20-litre can, this is the perfect time to try it out. You can, of course, also just purchase this oil through our dealer channel.

MAN Rollo and Heat and Power Ltd. announce new partnership

Dennis Singeling, Team Lead Partner Network at MAN Rollo explains: “As the importer for MAN diesel and gas engines in the UK we have the responsibility to support our products in the field. We believe in a network of strong local partners. This assures fast response times, solid local connections and a high level of service. Over the past months we’ve been on the lookout to strengthen our network of service partners in the UK, and with Heat and Power we believe we’ve found a great partner that ticks all the boxes.”